Elgin Dinosaurs

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Space exhibit this summer

This summer's exhibit at the library is called Space: Dare to Dream (presented in collaboration with NASA). It runs from June 2 to September 23 (press release).

Right now, the library lobby is full of boxes, cases, and padded moving blankets. More cases and exhibit panels are in the rotunda and other areas of the library. It's all has to be set up over the next week in time for the June 1st preview and June 2nd opening.

Here's a short list of what's in the exhibit:

  • Saturn V simulator.
  • Galileo's Studio.
  • Forest of Dreams (multimedia presentation).
  • Ancient Cosmology (exhibit panels).
  • Space Exploration (timeline walls).
  • Space shuttle inflatable.
  • Space suit display for photo taking.
  • A real Moon rock.
  • Scale models.
  • Rare meteorites (on loan from Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art).
  • Clyde Tombaugh's homemade telescope (1927).
  • Hands-on interactive science displays (on loan from SciTech Hands-On Museum).

    I wish I could take tons of pictures of the exhibit being assembled, as I did for the dinosaurs. For instance, in the lobby where Jobaria was, there is right now a large thing covered with blankets and wrapped in shrinkwrap that is labelled, "Gantry," that I think would make a good picture. Alas, I have no camera this summer. If anyone has pictures they'd like to send, I'll post them here--or tell me where they're posted and I'll link to your page.