Elgin Dinosaurs

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Looking for photos

I dropped the ball and forgot the Youth Department's Summer Reading Program Final Event was on Friday night. I hear a gazillion kids attended. Does anyone have any photos to share? I know the official photographer was there, but I'm looking for pictures taken by regular people. My email is elgindinosaurs at gmail dot com.

Also, there was a Fundraising Gala on Thursday night. Does anyone have any pictures from that?

Once I find out details about both events I'll post about them.

Speaking of photos: the library's website has added a very nice slide show about installing the dinosaurs.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Friday, August 26

Work continues: spot cleaning, adding details...

(photo by ---)

Wednesday, August 24

On the 24th, paleontologist Paul Sereno and his wife, educator Gabrielle Lyon, the co-founders of Project Exploration, were at the library for a press conference. Photos start here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday, August 23

Mostly touch-up and spot cleaning. New photos start here.

Why do they need to be touched up? Aren't these real dinosaurs? Well, the bones behind glass in the exhibit cases are real, but most of the ones that are out in the open are actually cast replicas of the real thing. The Project Exploration website has a great page that explains how they make the casts.

Monday, August 22

On Monday, Suchomimus, Deltadromius, and most of Afrovenator were installed. Since the library was open for business, Project Exploration staff and library volunteers had an audience of library staff and patrons. Here's an overview of the day. (Sorry, no pictures of Afrovenator today.) The rest of the pictures are in the second Flickr gallery, starting here.

Sunday overview (August 21)

(Slowly catching up.)

An overview of Sunday: Unpacking Suchomimus and installing the pterosaurs.